Guide to Pricing a Solar Home In Phoenix

When it comes to selling a solar home in Phoenix, Arizona, there’s plenty of questions that go around a homeowner’s head. Above all else, they want to know how they can get the most for the system while also making it look attractive when compared to other homes for sale in the area that don’t have an additional cost for solar panels. Today, we want to provide advice for those looking to sell a solar equipped home!

Two-Tier Buying

For sellers, it’s important to know that the motivation of buyers works on two different levels. Primarily, when looking for a property, they look for location, number of rooms, garage, size, number of bathrooms, and other essential features. After this, the second tier includes factors that have more freedom and this includes layout, room sizes, and energy efficiency upgrades. As long as two properties have all the first-tier necessities, the choice will often come down to ‘which has the most/best second-tier features?’.

For both parties, the price is a contentious issue and one that requires some back and forth. In Phoenix, the average selling price is 97% of the asking price. When solar systems are included, the situation becomes a little more complex because the lender may request an independent property appraisal.

Think Like a Buyer

In our experience, it’s always best to get into the mindset of a buyer which means knowing the competition, assessing their prices, and comparing everything with your own property. For buyers, they aren’t just going to be focused on your home, they’ll rank yours alongside others. For your Phoenix house to compete, it needs to provide just as much value as every other available within a short distance and this is why pricing is so important.

In addition to houses on the market, you should also be assessing comparables (a similar home that has sold within the last six months). Why? Because this is exactly what the appraiser will do when assessing your home. If your home has two bathrooms and the comparables all had one, you’re more likely to see an increased price. By viewing your Phoenix property alongside comparables, it’s much easier to be objective in the price-setting process. Does your property have special features (solar, for example)? Is your home in a similar condition? What are the similarities and differences?

The Value of Solar

While those who invest in solar are told it will add value to their home, the extent to which this is true is the question with no universal answer. While owned systems provide the greatest value, there are still variables to consider including condition, size, age, and efficiency of the panels and inverters. You can learn more about going solar in Phoenix, Arizona by visiting (

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