About Us

Mission Statement

OPEL Solar Inc. is committed to designing and producing high performance solar energy solutions for industrial and commercial applications around the world. OPEL Solar incorporates leading edge technologies, developed by the OPEL Solar Engineering team, into a product line that offers dependable, high efficiency, cost effective systems of solar trackers and concentrating panels. Our goal is to provide clean scalable solar power generating systems that will be cost competitive with traditional fossil fuel generating systems.

Who We Are

OPEL Solar Inc. is a company focused on developing technology, designing solar concentrating products, and producing solar energy solutions for industrial and commercial applications ranging from utility scale solar farms to solar rooftop systems for commercial building applications. OPEL Solar’s solutions greatly reduce the system’s cost while improving the performance of existing solar photovoltaic products. OPEL Solar’s high efficiency and cost effective products make solar power generation a viable and non polluting energy alternative. OPEL Solar’s products are based on technology designed and developed by OPEL Solar’s engineering team

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